HW-7 and Junk Box


From: Bob Berlyn (bob.berlyn@chowda.sbs.com)
Date: Thu Dec 09 1993 - 15:07:00 EST

Hi gang,

I has recenlty given a HW-7. I traded it for an OLD PC XT. The guy that gave
it to me said it would make for a good cabnet for some project. I hooked
it up and turned it on, It seems to work great, or as well as they ever
did. Lots of microphonics in the receiver. Transmitted works good.

Does any one have or know were I can get a schematic and/or know of any
modifications that were published for the rig. I would like to tinker
with it and see if I can improve it any.

Also came upon a larg cash of parts , from what I think was a power
supply for some kind of electronic equipment being thrown out ,
two large transformers 12, 8 and 18 volts, three heat sinks and several
LARGE Capacators and some Motorola transistors, (voltage requlators I think)

# MC7812CK I think a 12 volt reg.



  Does any one know what these are,and do you know where I can find
  data sheets on them. I cant find them in my NTE cross reference.

  Any help would be welcome.


Bob Berlyn

EMAIL Bob.berlyn@Chowda.sbs.com

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