Re: CW Freqs,on phone bands


From: Randy (
Date: Mon Nov 22 1993 - 16:39:12 EST

......> on CW off my vertical in Connecticut. A 9Q5 came back
> to me on CW!!! That's Zaire, not a real easy catch.
> You never know...
A similar thing happened to me:

For a while, I used to hang out on 10mtrs to catch a friend who had moved
to Texas.
This was done on 28390kc...normally SSB there.
One day, after trying both 'phone and cw, with no results, I got a faint cw
call from .. I think ... it was Brazil.

By the way..I have not yet gotten scolded for running CW on a phone band...
only a few dummy comments like ' duh! somboddy is keying dere mike'

So as long as it QRM's no one, there's no reason to not run CW on a blank freq.

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