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From: Randy (
Date: Mon Nov 22 1993 - 15:44:16 EST

 OH MY!!
       The 6SN7 bread board everything kit! Knight Kit ?

Yes! it had a couple dozen Fhanstock clips, a 6SN7 dual triode, audio
xformer, RF coil, Tune cap, and a vol control!
B+ was about 80 vdc from a transformer...and 6,3 vac for the heater.
The base was a dark dark brown colour wood?
 Pictorial and schematic diagrams were furnished, to make ---oh---
A receiver for 540-1600kc, an audio amp, an oscillator ( audio) and
a CW tone modulated RF osc...and a wireless phonograph ( use radio to hear it)
( I subbed a microphone of course!)...and a relay closer ( ? )

I had one of those as a Dad bought me it to keep me out of his
TV supplys

Guess what! At AES, you can make a 12AU7 version!

You need order up the parts and do it all yer self, but it is ALL there.

( I suppose you could use a 12SL7 instead, thus be octal-based)

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