Re: Dumb question...SSB & CW mixtures


From: Randy (
Date: Mon Nov 22 1993 - 15:02:10 EST

  Ok..all this pertains to USA rules, for us IN USA...and 80 mtrs :

CW is FCC-permitted thru-out the band.
 That lets us ID in case our mic burns out or the keys fall off the TTY

However, to be nice, CW is not used with-in a busy phone band, but if
it does not QRM a QSO, it is tolerated except by self appointed RF police.

CW then, usually stays in the zone that ONLY CW is suppose to be in.

THAT takes care of USA Hams IN USA.

HOWever....there are other countries ( 2 at least I can hear) who's
band-plans are like our 160 mtrs...everything-goes, mode wise.

To be nice, these countries may run them selves as we do, so to not cause

I also have heard TTY , Amtor ( or some kind of Wonk! Wonk! Wonk! noise)
and LOTS of SSB , in the CW section....but it's from these other countries.

Most SSB people in a net, are in QSO to guys who give 20-over, and so they
turn the RF gain way back to not hear their VOX & anti-VOX
will work right.
 ( when set up right, anti vox prevents double keying the other guy)

As a result, any one on QRP is unheard, and gets squished.


Way out:
        I found, a lot of all this QRM occurs during the Mad Hours of
Local dusk til local midnite + 1 hour ( everyone is in bed)

So...get on BEFORE dusk ( the air is almost ripe for use on 80 then)
or AFTER midnite...including up to well after dawn-mid morning.
The rest of the time, DUCK! ( or go QRO to call up friends to chit chat)

For me...except for rare outbursts... I'm not on between dusk and midnite.
I'm HERE on the keyboard or messing with somthing off-air.

I hope that helps ...

Randy KA1UNW              If you get a shock while
                         servicing  your  equipment,         "Works for me!"
randy@             DON'T  JUMP!                     -Peter Keyes
                     You might break an expensive tube!

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