More on wooden radios


From: D A Coleman (ext. 2850) (
Date: Mon Nov 22 1993 - 13:53:20 EST

I can hardly believe that, in my early message on this subject, I forgot
to mention the wooden radio that got me into ham radio more than forty years
ago. It was a 6 SN 7 regen receiver built on a wooden base. the connections
on the board itself were made with fanstag (or is it faenstag) clips. Anybody
on here remember thoem? I'm such a pack rat that I still have those clips!

The first time I turned on that receiver, I tuned in EL9A in Liberia, west
Africa. He was ontwenty-meter am phone. I think he's still operating, but not
on am any more; think I heard him not too long ago on ssb. I also, later on,
put a key in the plate lead--to the plus terminal of the 90-v b battery, and
used it as a qrp (guess it was qrpp) rig.


Don Coleman, W1Voq

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