Re: Dumb freqs


From: Brian Cieslak (
Date: Mon Nov 22 1993 - 12:49:22 EST


The way things on the ssb segments today you can't even talk about the weather without somebody sticking there two cents worth in so I think you should go for it...There may probably be 10 guys listening in the background practicing code along with your f

Peronally if I hear someone sending cw in the fone band I'll answer him in CW but generally I`ll stay in the cw portiions where I don't have to listen to the splatter that usually occurs just when the other guy has something important to say. I appreciate

You joined the ham radio ranks to pursue interests you enjoy so do it....Don't let someone else someone else tell you what to do...unless its the FCC in which case all reason gets thrown out the window

73, Brian AE9K.

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