Re: Dumb question...


From: mont@ibmmail.COM
Date: Mon Nov 22 1993 - 11:58:28 EST

From: (Chuck Adams):
> Mont, KM6WT, asks the question about operating CW in the higher
> parts of the band. Well, it's true, you legally can do so. But,
> you won't win friends or influence people. :-)
> It's part of the gentleman's agreement that CW ops would stay out
> of the phone allowed portions. This promotes good will and peace

But but but.... Are you saying that SSBers would rather I use SSB and
take up more bandwidth and leave even less room for other SSBers? I
guess the logic of this escapes me.

Maybe this is a gentleman's agreement if terribly outdated and needs to
be redefined. How do we go about doing that? If we show up in the SSB
portion of the band, they can't retiliate legally by coming down into
the CW sub-band.

I can understand about some portions left open for calling frequencies,
dx openings, nets, long established skeds. But there sure is a lot of
bandwidth used for general qso that could be made use of or used more

> on earth (well almost). You can even operate digital in the voice
> bands, but I don't think it'd would be too pretty.

Sorry, but RTTY & Data are not allowed in the HF phone bands. Only CW,
Phone and Image (which is normally sent in SSB mode).

> If you ventured in between AM stations, I doubt that you would
> have too many CW ops up that high listening.

If someone started doing it, someone would start listening. Word would
get around. I've tried setting up skeds with a friend from L.A. on cw,
sure is hard to find an opening sometimes. Then when I tune up and here
all the empty spaces that legally could be used, I just can't figure it

> Mont, there is no no such thing as a dumb question. He who asks not
> learns not (Chuck Adams quote). I ask questions all the time. The
> only way I can learn. If you don't make mistakes, you're not doing
> anything.

Well I don't think I've learned anything yet because I still don't
understand WHY. So... either it must be a dumb question or maybe just
maybe it's time to relook at the bandplan and/or gentleman's agreements?
Guess I'll just have to wait and see....

Tnx for your comments & 73,
mont, km6wt

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