Re:wooden radioes..etc


From: Brian Cieslak (
Date: Mon Nov 22 1993 - 12:23:53 EST

Let's not for get the prolific use of paper clips to connect power from the 6V lantern battery spring terminals...or was that to power up my first computer??

I like the idea of using hundreds of volts to power QRP rigs...That really exemplifies that QRP is NOT for sissies. Just think your filaments will consume more power than your transmitting...I think thats an important design goal as my shack was a little

As far as your decision...use what you have now and put the stuff you need on your christmas list..Nothing puzzles a well maening relative more than giving them a list with transformers, chokes, variable caps and the elusive toroids on it.

ps What color stain goes with carpet tacks.

Brian AE9K

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