Re: Dumb freqs


From: mont@ibmmail.COM
Date: Mon Nov 22 1993 - 11:36:38 EST

Randy writes:
> Well, to be polite, CW is kept mostly where CW-only (USA) is allowed.

Hummm... there are no places on the USA HF bands where only CW is allowed
(except for Novice & Tech+).

> Then too, there are DX windows that are universally world-wide accepted as
> being on some such n so freqs, generally at the bottom of each band.


> Then there are those of us who only have Novice or Tech+ tickets and so
> there is a freq limit there....

Sorry, wasn't refering to Novices or Techies+, my comment was only meant to
refer to General Class and higher. I know Novices and Techies don't have
any choice....

> The QRP calling freq's are on 3710kc and 7110kc, for 80 & 40 mtrs, altho,
> a QRPer will go where his ticket lets him same it seems, these
> SSBers and Honking Squawnking what ever they are's ( some are packet, amtor
> but,there are a few out there, that I think need an oil change).
> It's gotten so bad, I just don't get on between after-dusk, until past
> midnite.
> I get on before dusk, and well past midnite now.

Here's my point. I don't understand why it has to be this way, when other
parts of the spectrum where CW is ALLOWED is not used to its' fullest. Any
one in the US with General class or higher is allowed to use SSB or CW in
the upper end of the bands. If you can go on with SSB any time you like
why would anybody get upset if you used CW and use only use about 1/5th the

Another reason I've been wondering about this is because I'd like to setup
a sked with a friend in L.A. to practice code. It would be nice if we could
meet on SSB and then switch back and forth between modes during the qso. i.e.
he could send a bunch of cw, I could say (speak) "did you say .....?", etc.
Would this kind of qso draw some bad remarks from other hams?

mont, km6wt

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