MAVTI Receiver For Sale


From: Edward Pacyna (
Date: Mon Nov 22 1993 - 09:14:57 EST

 Built and tested receiver PCB from "Better Ears for the MAVTI-40" see QST
 article in October 1985 pg.14, or QRP Classics pg.140.

 The receiver is built on a double sided, gold plated PCB about 5"W x 3 1/2"W.
 It contains all the circuits of Fig. 6. The audio band pass has been opti-
 mized for a 600Hz center frequency. Although a 40M double tuned band pass
 filter is installed, this can easily be changed for the receiver to operate
 on any band. The PCB also includes T/R keying and antenna change over. Just
 add a VFO for a fully functional receiver. I recommend the NG1G premixed
 VFO (see QRP Quarterly) since the VFO buffer to drive the SBL-1 is on the
 PCB and this would allow you to build for any band. Add a transmitter and
 sidetone and you can build a complete transceiver around this module. One
 notable feature of this reciver circuit is the notch filter which works
 quite well. Price does not include the few components that are chassis
 mounted (e.g. jacks, pots etc.). Full documentaion included. Price $45.00

Ed Pacyna W1AAZ email: telephone: (617) 290-4800 X114

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