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From: JEFF M. GOLD (JMG@tntech.edu)
Date: Mon Nov 22 1993 - 09:52:56 EST


Well worked on the NorCal 40... found that the chokes were blowing
because the PA transistor was shorted. It was shorted from the
modification for the birdie..and a teeny solder bridge.. It appears to
hear CW signals even without an antenna hooked up and the RIT seems to
work and the output goes all the way to the final transistor.. so guess
when I track down a replacement transistor, may be able to get the
NorCal on the air..

Well since I didn't have any radios to fix or build this weekend, did
all my chores and managed to get into the ARRL Sweepstakes for a gew
hours.. my first SSB QRP contest...used my Kenwookd 850s with the
Lightning Bolt 5 band Quad, the Gap vertical and a 160 meter dipole with
tuner. Power output was real close to 4.8 watts max using the Kenwood
compression and high boost for audio.


Heard some serious QRP contesters.. they were into the high numbers,
heard more on the air than I have in any other contest.

Even surprised me how well QRP worked on SSB

Couldn't believe how many people stopped their serious contesting to
make comments about my signal, my REAL signal report and such. Easily
over 65% of my contacts stopped and actually made comments. Comments
varied from people insisting I was class "A" and made me repeat the "Q"
about 20 times, to you are 20 over, MANY were "Great signal for Q".
Think it may get people thinking about their power levels..since most
people in the contest were "B" class or WAY TOO MUCH POWER.

I noticed that QRP was no different on 10,15,20 as far as I could tell
from me getting through as easily as anyone else.

On 40 a little more power might have been nice (but then again I don't
have a competitive antenna for 40 or below).

80 meters may be a case where 100 watts should be legal

***** a really good antenna makes a setup equal to using much higher
power.. I have been informally contesting for a couple of years, I This
is the first time I contested with the Quad.. It made a HUGE difference.

summary (may have to do a contest QRP for real one of these days):

80 meters 13 contacts 2 sections
40 meters 42 contacts 8 sections
20 meters 82 contacts 38 sections *Quad on this band
15 meters 19 contacts 8 sections
10 meters 22 contacts 2 sections
                178 contacts 58 sections


Jeff, AC4HF

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