Re: 10 Meter QRP SSB


From: Eric J. Grabowski (al838@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: Sun Nov 21 1993 - 16:08:31 EST

jherman@uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu (Jeff Herman) NH6IL writes:

>Did you try CW with your CB/10M rig? I am curious if the PTT
circuit of a CB radio can handle the fast keying needed in
working CW.

No I didn't, Jeff. Since I wanted to use the radio in the phone
sub-band between 28.3 and 28.7 MHz, it didn't seem appropriate.
However, I did do some snooping and it would be quite easy to key
the first driver transistor. Then, all you need is a simple
electronic switch to get full QSK. This is on my list of things
to try when time is available (not in the near future :-}). (J. Sherwood Williams) writes:

>I would be VERY interested in the specifics of that Mod for the
TRC-453. Perhaps a little schematic and connecting points to the
main radio PC board?

Sure, Robert. It would be difficult to post the drawings to this
list though, however, if you send me an SASE, I will photocopy
the pages of my notebook and send them to you. The pages contain
the schematic and pcb layout of my oscillator as well as the
connection points marked on the original schematic diagram.

Incidently, this mod also applies to Uniden and other CB radios
that use the single-crystal synthesis method. So, if anyone else
would like this info, just send me an SASE requesting it.

To save you time finding my address in the callbook or on-line,
here it is:

Eric Grabowski WA8HEB
17020 Snyder Road
Chagrin Falls, OH 44023

BTW, the United States Postal Service (in their infinite wisdom)
has changed my ZIPCODE to 44023 from 44022 even though my house
is still located where it used to be. So the above is not a typo,
just in case inquiring minds want to know. (Scott Wood) WQ8B writes:

>Could you send me more details?

Scott, see my previous comment.

>Where did you get the info to do the conversion?

Instinct ;-) Actually, I've been designing and building stuff for over 30
years, and to be honest, this project wasn't that challenging. In fact, I
started building one Saturday morning and had my first QSO (with VE5ST, thanks
Terry) at 1217 local time that same day. Of course, I did spend some time
during the previous week studying the schematic and planning my attack to
minimize the amount of hacking. I should mention that the reason I converted
the radio was that I wanted a little 10 meter rig for the car, but didn't want
to spend ~big bucks~ on one of those Uniden HR-25xx units.

>Is the radio still sold in the RS catalog?

The TR-453 was replaced with the TR-465 in 1992; however, the main boards are
the same in both radios. The only difference is that the new one has a black
front panel instead of chrome, and the ANL switch is now a slide type instead
of being on the Squelch control.

>How much were the parts?

I have a well stocked junque box, so all I had to buy was the crystal which was
about $7.00, if memory serves. If you had to buy all the parts new, the cost
should be about $15.00.


Eric Grabowski, WA8HEB  
Chagrin Falls, Ohio

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