Hambrew Revisited


From: Chuck Adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Mon Nov 15 1993 - 09:38:31 EST


Something bothered me last week in doing the review of QRPp and

I noted that there was an article on a mobile antenna called "The
Zapper". In fact the article title is "Zapp The DX With The Zapper"
by Larry Feick, NF0Z. It bothered me that the diagram looked familiar,
almost like a commercial product I had seen somewhere, but wasn't sure.
In fact, it kept bothering me until this morning very very early (I'm
ashamed to admit I was up so early) I just whipped out the pile of
journals and mags and what do you know? Yep. The QRP Quarterly, January
1990, page 7 and 1/4 of page 8, is the same article. So, looks like
we are getting recycled articles. Letter off to George to let him
know what I think of that. :-)

So, I'm up for a refund myself. Let you know how it goes.

73 fer now es cul de k5fo dit dit
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Chuck Adams, K5FO - CP60
QRP ARCI Awards Chairman

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