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From: Ray Anderson (Raymond.Anderson@EBay.Sun.COM)
Date: Mon Nov 08 1993 - 18:27:35 EST

Doug, N4IJ writes:

>I'm in the process of building a cw/ssb transceiver designed by w7zoi. I
>think it is from qst a year or two ago. I'll see you on ssb when I get it
>built (if ever). Along those lines, it has an I.F. amplifier by NEC. The
>exact type I can't remember (NEC 99 something). Anyway, any of you QRPers
>know where I can get NEC parts? Not just for this, but future projects also.
>Seems like this group is mainly related to operating rather than building???

> Regarding the SS contest. I did as poorly as any. I got on 20 meters
>cw and produced 14 contacts with 3 watts.

> Doug, N4IJ

        Regarding the source for NEC parts, I've had good luck with
CEL (California Eastern Labs) who is NEC's US distributor.

Their main phone # is (408) 988 3500 in Santa Clara, Calif. Down in
4-land you might try (404)446-7300 in Norcross, GA or (813) 347-8066 in
St. Petersburg, FL.

        Don't know what their policy is these days on small quantity
orders but I bought in quantities of 10-20 before with no problem. They
also seem to be pretty liberal with their samples... especially if they
sense a bigger order.. Good luck.

        BTW: No, I don't work for NEC or CEL or have stock in the company.
Just a user of their products.

        Ray WB6TPU

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