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From: Ron Majewski (
Date: Mon Nov 08 1993 - 17:38:35 EST

Hello to everyone on the list!

I'm still riding the contest excitement and it's after 5pm, so I thought
I'd join in and share my contest experience.

CW contests are always a blast! It's a great opportunity to move my
code speed up a few notches. I also enjoy listening and going to school
on the big boys as they smoothly rack up contact after contact. Class
is in session for the next 24hrs! :)

I am in the process of getting a station set up for my younger brother
who has relocated to American Samoa for two years, so I ran the rig as he will --
100w with an R7 antenna mounted 5ft off the ground in the backyard.
(I know -- Boo! Hiss!) I wanted to get a feel for how the station played
under battle conditions. I was very favorably impressed with the R7 performance
on the contest bands. I could work anything I could hear, 95% of the time on
the first call.

My operating approach was to start at the top of the extra portion and
tune upward, working each station in turn. In the end, I made 112 contacts
in 54 sections over the course of 5hrs of operation. 40mtrs was really hot
Saturday night -- I worked Puerto Rico and six Californians. I used k8cc's
NA software to do the logging, but sent and received by hand
(Chuck -- I had the pen in my sending hand at all times!).

I only had two stations give me a precedence of "Q" -- ad6t and w0hep.

I also worked w6isq -- John Troster of QST fame. He was in the 700's as
far as QSO's go.

A very enjoyable test at my QTH. Just wait until next year ...


Ron (wb8ruq).

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