From: JEFF M. GOLD (
Date: Mon Nov 08 1993 - 12:04:39 EST


Well Sweepstakes is probably my favorite CW contest.. I like the longer
exchange. I somehow messed up and was waiting for it next weekend. I
unfortunaley had my whole TV antenna and Satellite systems in various
states of repair. I worked non-qrp for a while to test out my 850 and
various filters.

Got a few minutes only at the end of the contest while doing some
soldering repairs I turned on the ARK40.. figured it would be a good
test. The 40 meter band was pretty tough.. at times the 500 hz filter on
the 850 just didn't do the job and had do use the DSP and tried both the
Oak Hills and Tejas audio filters. I was surprised how easy it was to
get through on the ARK.. don't have anything but a vertical for 40
meters. I found if I turned on the Audio Filter on the ARK I was able to
really only hear the one signal.. found that the push buttons for tuning
that sometimes can be a pain, worked real well for contesting...if I can
ever get the $25 Superkeyr going.. I can have a tiny contest setup up..
may have to try it from a mountain top in the Smokies.

What kinda ranch you have Chuck?


Jeff, AC4HF

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