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From: Warren E. Lewis (
Date: Mon Nov 08 1993 - 09:14:59 EST

  I knew you couldn't stay away!! :-) You should have come up and
visited us slow pokes in the Novice sub-bands :-) I worked only
40 and 80 meters because I only tested in the wee morning hours and in
the late afternoon and evenings.

> How did anyone else do? We know that Randy took the QRP division on
> this one again. Surely he did.

I did okay for my first real CW contest after Murphy struck during the
ARCI QRP contest (lets put it this way I didn't come close to a clean sweep).
I'll have to admit I didn't work QRP this time around.
I was running about 25 watts. (I know what your thinking!! :-) )
When I get my code speed up and get more experience under my
belt I will be turning it farther and farther down.

> Not that many Qs heard here. That's the QRP division of SS.

I worked two Qs, one in NNJ and one in EMA.

> If you want to get your code speed up, this is the contest. Don't
> be afraid. You can practice by listening to a guys call and exchange
> til you get it, then call him. It'll be second hand before you know
> it.

That is the exact method I used until I got some confidence and figured I'd
try calling CQ SS myself...boy was that fun I had a pile-up instantly. I
worked about 7-8 before the dust settled :-) Not a huge pile-up, but, when
you are poking about 10 wpm with the long exchange that's about all that
will hang around for you...Only had to ask for a couple of repeats. Not bad
for a rookie CW op. Ya know this CW stuff is really a lot of fun, especially
when you start to get the hang of it!!!

> OK, too long a posting. I'll be buried again this week. But,
> I'll be monitoring every chance I get.

Sorry to hear you will be buried...I'm sure, I and a few others on this
list look forward to your posts.

> 73 es gl to all de k5fo NR XXX Q K5FO 58 NTX K

73 es tnx fer post de kd4yrn NR XX A KD4YRN NC BK

SK de KD4YRN dit dit

Warren E. Lewis                       
Technical Support Division                    (919) 677-8001 x6542
SAS Institute Inc.                                         PP-ASEL
Cary, NC                                      KD4YRN      DOD#0021

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