From: Edward Pacyna (epacyna@auratek.com)
Date: Thu Oct 28 1993 - 10:40:44 EDT

Randy was on 7.003Mhz last night around 10:30 PM EDST. He attracted a big
crowd. I was able to QSO him with my new homebrew QRP transceiver and a 68'
foot end feed wire antenna on about the 15th call. His signal was weak up
here in Massachusetts (S4 to 5). He was giving everyone a 599.

My transceiver is a highly modified version of the "Optimized QRP Transceiver
by W7EL"(Ref: QST August 1980, QRP Classics 2nd printing or recent ARRL
handbooks). The mods include a lot of filtering in front of the SBL-1 RF port,
wideband termination of it's IF port, an alot of stong audio filtering includ-
ing a 7th order ellipitical filter with 1.4:1 shape factor. As a result I was
always able to hear Randy through the pile up callers, tuner upers etc. Although
the receiver is a wonder of simplicity, most of the commerical radios I've
used would not have handled the situation nearly as well (would hear just a big
blur until the frequency quieted down), due to poor front ends, filtering and

It's true, if you can't hear them.....you can't work them.



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