QRP: More detailed advice sought...


From: Ken (K.E.) Harker (kharker@bnr.ca)
Date: Tue Oct 26 1993 - 07:44:00 EDT

     OK, having done some more thorough research, I have narrowed things down to
three choices for a qrp kit. I am interested in what people have to think about
the following:

$75 NorCal 40 by the Northern California QRP Club
$109 Sprint by Oak Hill Research
$159 Gary Breed Transceiver by A&A Engineering

The NorCal 40 is more along the price level I'm interested in, but I am
wondering if maybe the Sprint or Gary Breed transceivers might be more
useful once built. If you had to choose one of the three, which do you think
represents the best value to a first time builder?

Another problem is that this wouldn't be purchased likely until February,
and the NorCal kit may no longer be available then...


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