QRP Transceiver For Sale - Update


From: Edward Pacyna (epacyna@auratek.com)
Date: Thu Oct 21 1993 - 16:07:08 EDT

The transceiver is based on the " 40 Meter Optimized QRP Transceiver" by W7EL

See August 1980 QST, 1992 & 1993 ARRL Handbook or QRP Classics (2nd Edition).

However, it has been further improved with the following changes.

* A 5 pole HP filter has been cascaded with the 5 pole LP filter to form a
  wide bandpass filter.

* A double tuned narrow band pass filter has been added in front of the RF
  port on the SBL-1 mixer.

* A 7 element Elliptical LP filter has been added in the audio channel. The
  cutoff is 825 Hz with a shape factor of 1.4:1.

* A complementary pair AF driver has been added to drive small speakers or
  8 ohm earphones.

* Power has been icreased to a full 5W output (adjustable with pot on PCB).

The transceiver is homebrew, on a single PCB, and in an attractive black en-
closure (6"W x 6"D x 2 1/2"H) with round edges, tilt up bail and alumimum
front & back panels (neatly lettered with dry transfers). The transceiver

* Front panel w/ tuning (7.00 to 7.055Mhz w/ 6:1 reduction drive), RIT, spot
  & volume controls, and a LED power on lite.

* Back panel has power cable (diode polarity protected), antenna SO239, key
  jack (phono jack) and earphone/speaker jack (2 circuit mini jack).

* Full QSK, stable VFO operation & sidetone (600 Hz)

Price is $100 plus ship.

Contact Ed Pacyna W1AAZ email: ed@auratek.com telephone (617)290-4800 x114

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