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From: Charles Adams (
Date: Thu Oct 21 1993 - 11:01:49 EDT


Everybody was talking about who they worked during the test in
various posts.

Well last nite I called Richard Fisher, KI6SN, famous editor of
Member News in the QQ, and QRP column writer and QRP Editor for
Worldradio. He had sent me a form to fill out about the local
QRP Club, and since we really don't have a local QRP club, I had
hesitated in sending it back. Doug H. called me and reminded me
that I was the only one who had not returned the survey. I love
to write (bet you didn't know that!), but I really really hate

Well, during the conversation Richard mentioned that I, yours truly,
was the first person he worked during the test!! Now that's an honor
and and a pleasure. So add one more to my list. :-) ;-)

BTW, Richard is a super guy from what I can tell over the phone. He
loves to talk QRP. I think that's one thing that seems to separate
the QRPers from the other branches of this hobby. QRPers are typically
quite people (really). QRPers like the challenge of working with low
power, not forcing our views and our ways upon others, and just quietly
doing our thing and sharing our experiences with others. There are
those who keep everything to themselves too (a.k.a the silent majority).
Even though others will bitch and moan about the antique mode of CW
communication, it (CW) is a quick and easy way for beginners to start
on the path to really constructing their own equipment and the pride
of same. We don't have to be 'appliance operators' and I do respect
one's choice here, but if one doesn't try it I believe that individual
is missing out on a lot that the hobby has to offer.

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Chuck Adams, K5FO - CP60

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