QRP wattmeters and gel cells


From: Greg Buhyoff (BUHYOFF@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU)
Date: Thu Oct 21 1993 - 08:17:53 EDT

Does anybody know off-hand if Bird manufactures a low power HF
element.. say, in the 10w range? Or, is this problematic?
Also, I am looking for a WELZ QRP wattmeter or a HEATH QRP meter.
If anyone has one of these to sell I would be most interested.
A couple of weeks ago I sent out some mail inquiring where I could
buy high quality, new gel cells. I got only two replies and my sincere
thanks to those individuals. Well, I started to call around and I
found that Antennas West in Provo, Utah (talk to Jim, KK7C) has everything
in the way of gel cells and charging information and chargers. You name
the size and capacity and he can provide it. High quality Johnson Controls
and Sonic Tronics cells. I know for a fact from my R/C flying that these
are two super brands. In fact, Jim can supply cells of many different
size/capacity configurations and can supply cells with different
electrolytes so as to match your "type" of amperage draw with the cell
type. I was able to order, for example, a 4X4X4 inch 8 AH with deep
cycle electrolyte, a standard sized 8AH with regular electrolyte and
a 30AH with deep cycle electrolyte. His prices are VERY good. I have
used gel cells a lot over the years and have found a lot of them to be
junk. In fact a lot of them would not even take a charge to the maximum
13.7 or so that a good gel cell should. These are quality cells. I am
just a satisfied customer and since I sent out the inquiry, I thought
I would share the information I uncovered.

Greg Buhyoff KN4FR

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