Fall QRP Contest


From: M. Squicciarini (skitch@NADC.NAVY.MIL)
Date: Mon Oct 18 1993 - 13:44:11 EDT

        As Chuck says, inquiring minds want to know, so here is my story
        about the QRP Fall contest. I had a great time. I would like
        to thank everyone I worked and apologize to everyone I did not
        hear. I'll start modifing my Argosy as soon as I build a
        workbench (but that's another stroy).

        This was my first contest using a logging program (N6TR's) and it
        was great!! I finished the interface box on Thursday. The box
        keyed the rig and also allowed my paddles to be connected. This
        was a big plus.

        There were several big signals out there. Looking over my log
        they were K8NQC, N4LH and N9ND to name a few.

        I worked about 6 hours around a hectic schedule including an
        overnight visit by my parents, my son's soccer game, a party
        at friends and the Giants football game. There were several
        times I would go down to the radio a make a few contacts before
        anyone missed me.

        Now for the summary.

                Rig: Ten Tec Argosy
                Ant: 3 elem Yagi up 35 ft / ground mounted vertical
                Pwr: 1 - 5 Watts

                81 Q's for 330 pts
                36 SPC
                Total (I think) 83,160

        If anyone has a copy of the rules that were posted before the
        contest could you mail me a copy. Also if there are any special
        forms I need to fill out please include those.

        I've been away from QRP for awhile and it was nice to get back.
        As soon as the workbench is completed I'll even start to build

                72 -- marty -- nr3z skitch@nadc.navy.mil

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