Re: Argosy


From: F. Kevin Feeney (
Date: Mon Oct 11 1993 - 07:22:34 EDT


I like my Argosy fine. It has a decent receiver and the reports I get from
it are fine. The 5/50 watt switch is nice for running QRP, makes it pretty
easy to get down to the low power levels without fussing.

I like the fact that it has a 10 mhz position, so you get 30 meters either
qrp or qro.

Also the cw filter, if you have it installed, is nice. Mine is 500 hz and
helps a lot. Also you can get a variety of filters for it. Check and see
if it has a 4 pole or 8 pole filter in it for the main ssb filter - either
will work and I have a 4 pole and have used it for years, but when the band
is noisy/crowded I wish the skirts were in tighter (so I'm getting a new

I paid $275 or $300 for mine about 4 years ago and thought that was a fine
price - no power supply and I had to pop for the special breaker to protect
it. I use mine mostly mobile and have a lot of fun with it. I also like it
for emergency use as it takes a lot less power than my synthesized rig in
receive. (especially when you remove the dial lamp)

It's a nice basic radio - not terribly complicated, seems to work fine, qsk
is nice, the 5 watt level is handy (fun to run qrp amtor with), and getting
6 bands (plus all of 10 meters) plus QRO/QRP and SSB tossed in for the
price in a 12 volt solid state radio can't hardly be beat. :-) Plus there
is enough room in it to do some hacking if you want.

I'd go for it.

73 de Kevin, WB2EMS

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