Re: argosy Qrp rig


Date: Mon Oct 11 1993 - 15:58:53 EDT

> I have an opportunity to buy a mint ten-tec argosy
> Two question for the group:
> 1) are these good rigs - have people had good or bad experiences with them?
> 2) what is a fair price - is $300 a good deal for everyything?
> 3) I was originally thinking about getting a spirit rig,
> but now this seems like a good deal - also does ssb..
I'd jump on it but then I'm biased....have had an Argosy since they first
came out...81-82?...been a great rig....hardly ever had it out of the 5w
position but its nice having the capability to do 50W if you ever need it.

Its not digital, i.e. no 2d vfo, memories etc, but I've been able to work
over 180 qrp countries with it and a G5RV at 25 ft (of course, I use a 2d
receiver too). As usual with Ten Tec, QSK is superb, good reports on
keying, and although I don't use it much, voice quality (almost have a QRP

Somewhat large for a portable rig but certainly possible although fairly
high current draw. Also, check to see what additional boards it has.
For example, since purchase I have developed a need for the noise blanker
but haven't been able to find one. I very much like the audio filter using
that almost exclusively and would categorize the .5khz IF filter as
nonessential (but I like to hear whats going on around me).

The one time I had to send it in I received the very quick, high quality
service I've heard Ten Tec has a (well-deserved by my experience)
reputation for.

72, Greg KD4HZ

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