Re: R&R and OHR WM-1


From: Jim Osburn (
Date: Mon Oct 11 1993 - 14:16:56 EDT

Good to know someone got their keyer kit.
Mine has been on order since 8/23/93 and I haven't heard a peep.

I already have one of the Idiom press kit's that I have been using
for over a year, maybe close to 2 years.
The kit was good, went together fast, the PCB was good, no parts
other than the ones on the board though.
I'm still using the batteries I installed when I built it.
The Idiom kit is worth the $49.00.

On Saturday I finished an OHR WM-1 QRP Wattmeter.
One part was missing from the kit, the No. 4 solder lug.
I improvised without it.

After finishing the Wattmeter, I adjusted the output of my Kenwood
TS-440S to 4 W and worked Montana on 40 m.
I needed Montana.



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