Hobby Shop


From: Charles Adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Mon Oct 11 1993 - 14:16:32 EDT


while you're at the hobby shop, ask to look at a 'prop nut wrench'.
i have one of these and they make a great tool for the nut on phone
jacks, pots, etc. can use this tool without damaging the nice paint
job you put on the cabinet.

there are a lot of other goodies too.

ever hear of the Adams Actuator??

if you know that one, you are approaching that age where younger
people call you an OF.


73 de k5fo dit dit

p.s. if you care, i got the lowest signal report of my life (35 yrs ham).
     at midnite texas time, worked a W7 on 40M with my 950mW. he gave
     me a 139, but copied me through a 10 minute qso. i gave him some
     relief by slowing down to 22wpm and not holding him for a 30 min
     qso. this was last night and he was in Spokane WA. that makes
     one on 20 and one of 40. must be one of the major lobes for 80M LW
     pointed due north.

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