MFJ 9020 Mods (and please add me to the mailing list)


From: Joe Gervais (
Date: Mon Oct 04 1993 - 20:45:07 EDT

First, please add me to the QRP mailing list. Thanks.

I'm buying a used MFJ 9020 and was wondering if someone
could direct me to a faq of mods, i.e. softer keying
signal, better audio, etc.

Also, any recommendations for powering these critters?
12VDC/1A, I believe. For home use I've been looking for
something to plug into good ol' AC, but all I have is a
12VDC/300mA transformer. Guess that would get me 1-2 watts
out, but on occasion it would be nice to have the full
4-5 watts available to break those pileups. :)

For remote use (great hill with ocean view behind my home)
I've looked at some 3-6 Amp-hour gel cells, but haven't
decided on any brands. Suggestions?

Thanks tremendously for your help.

73 and 72!


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