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From: Doug Hendricks (
Date: Mon Oct 04 1993 - 18:37:28 EDT

Wow, what a great weekend. This was the Sunday for the monthly meeting of
the Northern California QRP Club. We meet on the first Sunday of the month
at the California Burger Restaurant located in the the shopping center just
off the Santa Rita Road exit on 580 just north of Livermore, from 11 to 1.
Today's meeting was attended by about 25 or 30 qrpers, and it was a lot of

Stan Cooper brought his new TenTec Scout for all of us to drool over. I am
really impressed with that rig. Everyone checked it out, and it was a hit.
Dave, WA6BOY, brought a homebrew rig that he just built. It is an 80 meter
transceiver. No big deal? Well this one was in a 35 mm film canister!! Dave
has written an article and it will be published in the next issue of QRPp.
You want to look for that one. There was a model of the 40 meter coiled
longwire that was in September 73. I am sorry but I don't have the name of
the gentleman that brought it. His first name was Terry. He is writing an
article on how he built the antenna, and made it into a knock down unit for
storage. That should also be in the December issue of QRPp. Wayne, N6KR had
his bread boarded ssb receiver on 20 meters. It sounds great. With a little
encouragement, I think Wayne just might go ahead and develop it into a
transceiver. I have been urging him in that direction. Anyone else want
to build a 20 meter ssb qrp rig? Send Wayne a message at
if you are interested in such a rig. The rig uses varactor tuning, a ten turn
pot, and covers the entire ssb portion of the 20 meter band. Hmn, I sure am
interested. And last but not least, we were honored to have the "original"
NN1G rig that Dave Benson built. It was featured in the last issue of QRPp
and Chuck Adams has been posting several articles on it here on the net.
Dave did a really neat job of mounting his in a case that is 4" wide x 4"
deep x 2" high. How did he do that you ask? He mounted the two boards on
edge and back to back. Nifty job and a great looking dial. He made a dial
with a piece of plastic cut into a wedge shape. The scale is on white paper
that has been laser printed with a half circle, and numbers. It is mounted
behind a piece of clear acrylic, 1/16" thick, held on by 4 screws, about 1"
x 2".
    For those of you who are waiting on the NorCal 40, here is the latest
update. There are 27 kits left. We have all of the parts in Jim Cates hands
except for the circuit boards. Fred Reimer of Far Circuits has promised
delivery within a few days. As soon as Jim gets the boards, he will start
mailing out kits. We should hit the Oct. 15th target date. Wayne, N6KR,
and I delivered our parts to Jim today. I don't know if you have ever seen
the parts for 100 kits, but that is a lot of parts. I saw 310 NE602's in
one place today, most that I have ever seen. Anyone know of a cheap source
for those? If you do, send me E-mail.
     After the meeting, Wayne and I drove over to Sunnyvale and had a great
visit with Jim Fitton, W1FMR, who had just flown in from New England. Jim
is the coordinator of the New England group, and was a great help in starting
the Northern California Club. The NE group has 207 members, while the
Northern California Club has 136 members and 104 subscribers to QRPp. We
spent the afternoon talking about all sorts of QRP things. Jim and I ran
several ideas by each other, and we had a good time. Of course, as soon as
we arrived, we had to watch Jim do one of his famous Antenna launchings from
his hotel window. He put a long wire really high up into the trees right
outside his hotel. Jim is a master at hotel operating. He had a neat QRP
tuner and SWR meter that he had built. His rigs were, the "original" NN1G,
and the "original" NorCal 40, both on loan from Dave Benson and Wayne Burdick.
     So you can see I had a neat day. This is what QRP is all about, meeting
your friends and making new ones. If you are interested in joining the
Northern California QRP club, send me E-mail at or packet
mail KI6DS @ K6RAU.#CENCA.CA.USA.NA. 72, and cul.
Doug KI6DS

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