Re: ARK 40


From: James R. Johns (
Date: Mon Oct 04 1993 - 15:57:17 EDT

It shouldn't be too hard to rig up a rotary encoder that provides
a suitable input to the 4059. S&S was nice enough to use a ribbon
cable with a dip header between the thumbwheel PCB and the
synthesizer so connecting the external inputs would be easy. If
you develop something you should drop a note to S&S. I talked to
them on the phone today and they are looking at new product ideas
for future products. I don't have a problem with the thumbwheels
but I can see how those used to a rotary dial for tuning could
find the switches hard to use. Of course the issue of frequency
display must be considered when going to a rotary dial system.
I'll have to give it some additional thought. 73 & 72

Jim Johns KA0IQT

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