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From: JEFF M. GOLD (JMG@tntech.edu)
Date: Mon Oct 04 1993 - 14:34:40 EDT


I am still stuck on the first board of my ARK 40. Taking my time. I want
this one to be perfect the first time. The board is the best I have ever
soldered, and a lot of time went into planning out the kit.

I just finished their Digital freq. counter:

*Please this part can not be reprinted unless you have authorization
from QST:

        The kit with 4 1/2 digits only costs $49.95. A 4 digit add on Kit is
$16.95. The frequency counter S&S Engineering offers a nice guarantee
for their kits. If you build it and it doesn't
work they will fix it. If the fault has anything to do with the kit they
will fix it for free. If you messed it up they will fix it for less than
$25.00. They try to have a 24 hour turnaround time on repairs.
        The kit does not come with an enclosure but sits up on four
standoffs. You don't really need and enclosure, but if you want one you
can detach the part of the board that has the display and have it as a
remote. This will require sawing the board and then just
wiring the two boards. This is also a fairly easy task. The other
positive part about the detachability of the counter is that not only is
this an excellent tool for alignment purposes, but the counter can be
used on QRP, or older rigs as a digital display.
        The kit is absolutely top rate. The parts were all very good
quality and the printed circuit board is the finest I have ever seen.
It is clearly silk screened and is plated through
and double sided. A lot of time went into designing the board so that it
is easy to find where the parts go on the board. I loved soldering on
the board and it looked great when it was finished. Parts are packaged
seperately so it takes a minimal amount of time preparing to build the
kit. I found that all the work that went into the preperation made the
kit a lot more fun to build.
        The counter works great. I have the 8 digit model and have
tested it against factory assembled versions and found it to be very accurate.
I mounted some test leeds on it with alligator clips. I found that
when I grounded one lead to the chassis and layed the other lead across
the back of the antenna connection and transmited, the counter accurately
read the frequency. If you take the positive lead and bring
it near an oscillator circuit, it will read the frequency. This
is a very handy tool and lookspretty impressive out of the case next
to my equipment.

another happy customer (they need to put out some more inexpensive kits)


Jeff, AC4HF

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