ARK 40 QRP Rig


From: James R. Johns (
Date: Mon Oct 04 1993 - 13:11:37 EDT

I thought the QRP group might be interested in my opinions on the
ARK 40 QRP rig from S&S Engineering. While I bought the kit at the
1993 Dayton Hamvention, business and personal activities made it
impossible to finish the rig as fast as I would have liked to.
I fully agree with the review in the latest issue of 73 magazine.
The rig consists of very high quality components, a great assembly
manual and the little rig works great! While not a kit for a beginner,
anyone who has put a few kits together and who takes their time will
have no problems with this kit. I tend to be extra careful when
assembling a kit and check out all the components on a bridge before
soldering them into the kit. For that reason the problem pointed out in
the 73 piece about the brown vs violet resistor markings wasn't really
a problem for me. The rig tunes up easily and I was able to work from
Boston to Philly using my 20 Meter dipole (attic mounted) and an ATU.
(Remember this is a 40 Meter Xcvr into a 20 Meter dipole at 7 PM local time)
The rig keys cleanly and the waveform looks good on a scope. Now when
the NEN meets on Saturday morning I'll know exactly where 7.040 is :-)
If anyone has any questions about the kit I'd be happy to provide any
info I can. 73 & 72

Jim Johns KA0IQT

Note: I have no association with S&S Engineering other than as a
satisfied customer.

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