Project 9: 2M CW transmitter


From: Edward Parish (parish@Think.COM)
Date: Mon Sep 27 1993 - 11:30:48 EDT

   Date: Mon, 27 Sep 93 10:22:32 CDT
   From: (David Adams)

   I have been thinking of doing something similar. A small tranceiver
   or transmitter & receiver pair for 2M or 1.25M based on the
   Motorola MC2833 for the transmitter and the MC3363 for the
   receiver. I don't have any plans other than the fact sheets
   that Motorola will give out with these parts, which will require
   some modification. Has anyone tried anything like this? I think
   it is one nice way to get a clean set up easy. (The boards came
   with the chips.)

   Do you still call it QRP when you are in VHF or UHF using < 5 watts?
   (I will probably use 500 mw.) Low power is more of the norm here?

>From the fact sheet:

           "The MC3363 is a single chip narrowband VHF FM radio receiver.
           It is a dual conversion receiver with RF amplifier transistor,
           oscillators, mixers, quadrature detector, meter drive/carrier
           detect and mute circuitry. The MC3363 also has a buffered
           first local oscillator output for use with frequency synthesizers,
           and a data slicing comparator for FSK detection.

           "*Wide Input Bandwidth -- 200 MHz Using Internal Local Oscillator
                                   -- 450 MHz Using External Local Oscillator
           "*RF Amplifier Transistor
           "*Muting Operational Amplifier
           "*Complete Dual Conversion
           "*Low Voltage: Vcc = 2.0 V to 7.0 V
           "*Low Drain Current: Icc = 3.6 mA (Typ) at Vcc = 3.0 V,
             Excluding RF Amplifier Transistor
           "*Excellent Sensitivity: Input 0.3picoV (Typ) for 12 dB SINAD

I'd say that was quite excellent.

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