NorCal40 Drift


From: Charles Adams (
Date: Sun Sep 26 1993 - 23:17:28 EDT

i've been playing with NorCal40 qrp rig for 40 meters, serial #2.

drain on receive measured at 14mA (that's 14 milliamperes).

drift at 65 degrees F from cold start:

 0 min 2.124504MHz on VFO
 1 min 2.124520MHz
 2 min 2.124528MHz
 3 min 2.124528MHz
 5 min 2.124528MHz
10 min 2.124528MHz
30 min 2.124528MHz

so, i measure the total drift at 24Hz. i would not have believed it
possible with a varactor tuned VFO, had i not measured it myself.
this was done with a Heath 200MHz counter calibrated with WWV.

i did it again, but got only 15Hz. i'll do it again monday nite.
i figure that i had affected the results of the second by doing the
first and had allowed only 30 minutes for cooldown. i'll let it sit
for 24 hrs and try again.

i haven't gotten to receiver sensitivity yet or transmitter.

i now have a spectrum analyzer and have to check it out and
then measure a few rigs to see how they are doing.

stay tuned to your bat channel, same time same station......

73 de k5fo dit dit

p.s. i didn't get on this weekend. the kid up from college for
      the weekend and took him and the wife out for dinner and a movie.

and thank you people up north for the cool weather. really appreciate it.

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