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From: Charles Adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Sat Sep 18 1993 - 23:22:40 EDT

         QRP Amateur Radio Club International
              Operating Awards Program

The objective of the QRP ARCI Operating Awards Program is to demonstrate
that "power is no substitute for skill". It encourages full enjoyment
of Ham Radio while running the minimum power necessary to complete a
QSO and thereby reducing QRM on our crowded bands. QRP is defined
by the club as 5 watts output CW and 10 watts PEP output SSB. The
following awards are available to any Amateur. Requirements are set
forth below.


This award is issued to any Amateur for working 25 members of QRP
ARCI while those members were running QRP. Endorsements are offered
for 50, 100 and every 100 thereafter. To apply send list of members
worked. List should be in numerical order.


This award is issued to any Amateur for confirming QSOs with stations
in all six continents while running QRP.


This award is issued to any Amateur for confirming QSOs with stations
in 20 or more of the 50 states of the USA while running QRP.
Endorsement seals are issued at 30, 40 and 50 states confirmed.


This award is issued to any Amateur for confirmed QSOs with 100 ARRL
countries while running QRP.

                 1000-MILE-PER-WATT (KM/W)

This award is issued to any Amateur transmitting from, or receiving
the transmission of, a QRP station such that the Great Circle Bearing
distance between the two stations, divided by the QRP stations power
output equals or exceeds 1000 Miles-per-Watt. Additional certificates
can be earned with different modes and bands.

                     QRP-NET (QNI-25)

This award is issued to those members completing 25 check-ins into
any individual QRP ARCI net. Subsequent 25 QNIs in another net will
earn an endorsement seal. Net managers send a list of those qualifying
to the Nets Manager at the end of the month. Awards are issued FREE
to those qualifying by the Awards Chairman as information is received
from the Nets Manager.


1) The fee for all awards, except QRP NET (QNI-25), is $2.00 US or
10 IRCs. Subsequent Endorsement Seals are $1.00 or 5 IRCs. Make
checks or money orders (preferred) payable to QRP ARCI.

2) GCR List (General Certificate Rule): QRP ARCI will accept as
satisfactory proof of confirmed QSOs and that the QSLs are on hand
as claimed by the applicant if the list is signed by: (a) a radio
club official, OR (b) two amateur radio operators, general class or higher,
OR (c) notary public, OR (d) CPA. If you must send QSLs, please include
postage for their return. Neither QRP ARCI or the Awards Chairperson
are responsible for lost or damaged QSLs.

3) QRP ARCI member numbers are not published. The Awards Program
will accept as satisfactory proof for any of the club awards a QSO
with a club member giving their membership number and power output
in the log data. If the QRP number and power are not given a QSL
is required for confirmation. See Note 2 above.

4) Endorsement seals are available for a) One Band, b) One Mode,
c) Natural Power, d) Novice and e) Two-way QRP if log data so indicates.

Send Applications to:

                       QRP ARCI AWARDS CHAIRMAN
                       Chuck Adams K5FO
                       830 Waite Drive
                       Copper Canyon, TX 75067-8581

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