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From: Michael Bendio (mb@titan.wordperfect.com)
Date: Thu Sep 16 1993 - 11:37:19 EDT

Thanks for all the kind and helpful replies to my recent query:
"Does anyone know of a source for extruded aluminum enclosures like the old
Hayes modems used to come in? I'm looking for a very rugged enclosure for
the R2/T2 combination I'm building."

From: Clark Fishman (FSAC-FCD) <cfishman@PICA.ARMY.MIL>
>There is a company called Lansing I think in LA that sell extruded
>cabinets...I will do some checking for you...
and a follow-up message:
>I found it ..Lansing Instrument Corp 800-847-3535
>nice looking enclosures..they have an add on page 272 of the Sept
>Electronic Products Magazine

From: jbate@ncrcol.columbiasc.NCR.COM
>powerbox inc.
>1503 Spruce St.
>Boulder, CO 80302
>I got their catalog. It's a bit spendy, but may be what you're
>looking for.

From: "D A Coleman (ext. 2850)" <DACOLEMAN@fair1.fairfield.edu>
>Radio Shack used to have some rugged boxes that came disassembled.
>The flat bottom, top, and sides, plus the end plates of those elongated
>cube boxes were fitted together with tongue & groove type joints. I
>don't know whether those things can still be had, since I'm talking about
>what R. S. had probably twenty years ago, but just in case, they might
>be worth a try.

There were also two replies that suggested using Kantronics enclosures
such as are used for the KAM. These enclosures are apparently available
separately from Kantronics.

Again--I was gratified by your responses. Thanks much.

Michael Bendio, WT7J

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