NorthCal 40 followup


From: Charles Adams (
Date: Thu Sep 16 1993 - 11:20:02 EDT


people have sent me mail about ordering the NorthCal 40 Rig, so i'm
responding to all the QRP mailing group at once. this will cut down
on my typing requirements.

again, i'm not associated with this deal, it is NOT a commercial venture
on the part of the individuals involved. it is a QRP club deal, in this
case the Northern California QRP Club, NorthCal QRP Club.

again, it is a 40 meter QRP xcvr and all the specs have been posted
to this group. check the archives at '' to get all the
details. unfortunately, i'm k5fo/6 this week and i printed them off
at the office, but didn't save them to a file.

as i understand it, the club has sold 50+ of the units and will take
orders for another 50 for a total of 100 units. it is rather unfortunate
that we don't have technology in place to give each of you a complete
picture of the assembled rig. it is very well done. i don't see that
anyone would have problems assembling it and beginners certainly could
find help in their area.

two things to get one of these critters.

a. join the NorthCal Club which will cost you $5 and gets you 4 issues
    of the QRPp newsletter (actually it's a pretty nice 8.5 x 11"
    double sided and folded and center stapled booklet).

b. and $75 + $4 s&h for the rig itself.

i'll let Jim Cates followup to the net if he will take check, m.o., or
whatever for the total including the membership dues. Doug, KI6DS,
is the official membership chairman for the club. i know that Doug
has to pay for his connect time, which is costing him a non-trivial
amount for long-distance connect charges at the present time.
you may want to drop Jim a SASE when you write to him, just in case
they get swamped with this deal. i personally think that it may
become the hotest deal around. it will be interesting to attempt
to get a weekly schedule going on 40 this winter for the NorthCal 40
Work a Friend Net. I'll throw out Thursday nites for a starter. this
will allow the Color Crystal people to try their stuff and then come
up to 40 and work the "QRO" guys at 7.040, the QRP ARCI frequencies.

ok, here's Jim's address: (posted here without his permission this time,
sorry Jim, the devil made me do it) :-)

          Jim Cates, WA6GER
          3241 Eastwood Rd.
          Sacramento Ca, 95821

i have not posted Doug's email address so that he won't get swamped.

i guess one of the sidelights and interesting notes about this group
is that some of you are paying for getting email. i understand your
plight. i have to pay long-distance bills from the 'ranch' to dallas
in order for me to get my mail at night and weekends. it's just part
of the expense of getting timely information.

if Doug wants to give you his mailing address also and request that
you send him membership dues, i'll let him followup. he might can
do both, in fact i'm sure he can.

sorry that i don't have more.

i'm just a customer in waiting for the rig. i've seen it, i've operated
it and it's gonna be my travel rig. compact and complete except for
the keyer, phones, p/s, and antenna.

for now, 72 de k5fo/6 dit dit

chuck adams

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