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From: M. Squicciarini (skitch@NADC.NADC.NAVY.MIL)
Date: Mon Sep 13 1993 - 14:16:21 EDT

The following is the text of a postcard I received last week. It
announced a new magazine that maybe of interest to the group. I
have posted this FYI and standard disclaimers apply.

        Dear OM,
                 In the past, on at least one occasion, we have enjoyed
        a QSO together (ed. I checked my logs and we QSOed in 1988 QRP).
        I am writing to you because I want to tell you about a new ham
        magazine which I am about to launch. It's designed especially
        for the hams who like to build their own equipment and antennas,
        whether from kits or "scratch-built", even modifications to
        existing rigs. It's called Hambrew, and we are getting a great
        response to the idea from hams all over the country! "It's just
        what we need," I hear again and again.

                I hope you will c'mon aboard and try a $20 yearly
        subscription now. You'll like Hambrew - it's a quarterly by hams,
        for hams, not sold in stores.

                If you order before November 1, 1993, I'll throw in a free
        bonus extra copy as a thank you for helping us get off the ground:
        five issues for the price of four.

                We've even go an "800" number to make ordereing easy for
        Visa and MC holders: Call now and say "Hello"! 1-800-5-HAM RIG.
        And thanks!

                Warm Regards and 73,
                        George De Grazio, WF0K (ex KB0AHD, N0IHS)

I ordered the magazine and when I get my first issue I'll review it.

                73 -- marty -- nr3z

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