Spider Mania


From: Brad Mitchell (bmitchel@CBA.Kodak.COM)
Date: Mon Sep 13 1993 - 12:35:52 EDT

Well, Production of Spiders has begun here in upsate N.Y. Myself (WB8YGG) and
Gary (N2JGU) have both constructed 80 meter versions of this great little rig.

It all started with manufacturing our own P.C. board using the QST process.

I ended up making 5 boards, and I think Gary made the same.
I gave 2 away, and plan to build the Spider on 80, 40, and 30.

Total investment for the rig is probably around $25.00 for everything including
the box.

One of the boards that I gave away was to our local BARK (Brockport Amateur
Radio Club) President K2DB. He put his on 40 meters, and let me say that
if he can get it working , anybody can. I only say that because Paul
wants to get on this qrp list server something bad, and hasen't been able to

Oh yeah. Performance... Well I started out with a contact 40 miles away,
and last night I made a contact to Vermont 559 on 3720. Not bad at all.

The 40 meter one is next, then the 30.

Sure is fun homebrewing. 72 Brad WB8YGG

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