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Date: Tue Aug 24 1993 - 17:22:48 EDT

  I read but seldom contribute to the QRP list, but ...

  I got my Sept QST yesterday, and my 10-yr son Ben (KB1AIH) has already
  sent in his postcard hoping for that ICOM 707. Flags are his "thing",
  he's written a Visual Basic (Windows) program released as shareware that
  displays flags of 120+ countries. He rattled off all ten right away.

  He's trying to dream up enhancements for this program of his, to send an
  enhanced version to people who register their copies. Right now he's
  working on a scrolling info box - population, etc.

   It just occurred to me that maybe some of you DX fans might have some
  ideas of some good sources for info on "rare" countries. Right now he's
  working from the "World Almanac" and a CD-rom encyclopedia. He wants to
  distribute his product to schools, so he needs general interest info,
  (not just the callsigns of "rare" hams!). Any ideas? Online sources?
  Consulates with BBS?

  Gary Thorburn KB1AIF

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