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Well folks, here it is, I guess I finally got The leagues endorsement to
establish an ftp site for mirror imaged artwork for the purpose of creating
circuit boards. Two questions arrise:

1. Previously Bruce had offered his system as a site. Is this still available?

2. Any preferences on the file format? I originally thought postscript, but
   it may be a lot easier for .pcx format for many people?

        Because most of my projects are qrp related, I think that some of you
may get a kick out of being able to ftp an artwork, then print it out with
a laser printer and iron on a pc board. (reference July 1993 QST for this
process.) I have had a lot of luck scanning artworks from QST, 73 and the
handbook. 73 all Brad Mitchell WB8YGG

Response from Mark Wilson at the ARRL:
>From mwilson@arrl.org Fri Aug 20 14:03:42 1993
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 93 13:46:00 EDT
>From: mwilson@arrl.org (Mark Wilson)
To: bmitchel@cba.kodak.com
Cc: ppagel@arrl.org, jbloom@arrl.org
Subject: Re: ftpable artwork
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>Hello all, Myself (WB8YGG) and Gary N2JGU have been wanting to establish
>an ftp site that we could use to down load mirror images of artwork that
>is used for the various projects in QST and maybe other magazines as well.
>Maybe the files could be stored in post script format, so that anybody that
>could ftp (download) the file could print them on their laser printer.
>I personally have scanned some of the printed artwork from QST to generate
>mirror imaged artworks to iron on to p.c. boards, but I'm not sure of the
>legalities of all this. Can anybody at the league tell me???

It's fine for you to scan the artwork for personal use. In some cases,
the authors permit personal use but prohibit commercial use of the
artwork. Any restrictions are noted on the template package and artwork
we provide.

>Anyway, can I get some response (maybe, no, yes etc) to this because it's
>apparant that there is an interest especially now that you published the
>article regarding the pc board iron on process. Maybe the ARRL might consider
>establishing an ftp site for these artworks etc?? 73 fer now... Brad Mitchell
>WB8YGG (bmitchel@kodak.com)

We started distributing normal and reverse-image versions of PC board
templates last week. Lots of demand since the article came out. We have also
made available postscript files for artwork for some microwave projects
that were developed here, with good response.

In many cases, though, authors design PC boards manually or with software
that does not support postscript, so all we have is a paper or film copy.
I'd be interested in seeing the quality of artwork you have scanned in.
(We have all manner of postscript output devices here...)

I have no problem if you want to establish an ftp site. It's something
we might consider doing at ARRL in the future, but right now I don't
have the resources to put into starting one up. If you want to
do it, though, that would be great! I'd be glad to provide whatever
electronic files I can, and paper copies of everything else that's
in the public domain.

Let me know what you think.

73, Mark Wilson, AA2Z

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