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From: Charles Adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Wed Aug 11 1993 - 19:20:13 EDT


i got questions from one of the members of this group, so i thought
that i would respond to all.

1. the kit from Danny is complete for the boards and the parts on the
    boards. there were no wrong parts supplied, but the silver mica
    caps were too big to cosmetically mount nicely between the xtals.
    this has been fixed. you will not need a supply of parts unless you
    want to build it for 40 meters. see later.

2. the kit comes complete with two circuit boards and all the parts that
    mount of both. it does have the air variable and the volume control

3. there are no knobs, dial indicator, power connector, case, key jack,
    phone jack, or rf power connector like a PL-259 or rca jack. these
    you have to provide.

4. the rig is sold as 20 meter version. they are working on a 30 meter
    version (Dave NN1G). for the 40 meter version you need:
    a. wind a few toroids differently, but this is no problem and you
        have enough wire to do it, if you're not too sloppy.
    b. you will need caps of value 47, 47, 5, 5, 47, 47, 330, 680, and
        330 pF. they do not have to be NPOs.

i know that some people will probably go and bang on Danny to supply
the parts, but there is a limit to what one can supply and not lose
money. let's keep him in business. you could order 10 each of the 5
and 47 pF and pay $1 per 10, thus an additional $2 will get you most.

i don't see disc caps for 330 and 680 in the catalog, but will let
you know if i find out anything.

hope this helps.

5. i don't have a comparison of this rig with the A&A, as i sold it
    several months ago. i like the NN1G kit (i guess i need to call
it 72 Kit, as i think that's its name in the QQ) better as it is QSK
without relay. the A&A uses a relay. i'd guess the 72 is better.

    the OHR Spirit is a better rig all round, but its $200 price tag
may drive some people away.

Joe, KI3B, mentioned that 40 meters was getting harder and harder
to find a spot below 7.050 to do a qso. i agree. it's gonna get
worse. i think that we need to start working 7.040 and up and
put the squeeze on the digital guys to move up another 10KHz. i
don't have an answer for this one. use it or lose it is my motto.


ok, let's stir up the activity on this qrp group again.

i'm going out to watch the 'shower'. hope that Ed and Zack get
some scatter up at 10GHz and above. you guys and girls on the
east coast let us know if you got a good view.

72 de k5fo dit dit
------cut here----------
Chuck Adams, K5FO - CP60

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