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From: klaudon@PICA.ARMY.MIL
Date: Wed Jul 28 1993 - 13:52:37 EDT

The ads for these rigs (I think I sent away for the data sheets) were my
first exposure to Ten-Tec. In fact, I had never heard of the company
before, and hadn't since until they started producing other more advanced
rigs in the later 70's. Just exactly what were they making in those early
days, besides the Power Mites? Were these rigs their first product?

I have never seen one in the flesh, but wanted one ever since I saw those
ads for these cute, inexpensive little rigs! But in those days, I thought,
how useless and undesirable was a rig that only put out 2 watts!! Hey,
I was only a teenager, give me a break! At that age, bigger is better and
too big is still not enough!

But if I ever find one now I will surely buy it for nostalgia sake.
(oops, I thought I was posting this message to boatanchors! Nostalgia is
relevant to solid state, too!).

So I cast a strong vote to include data on the Power Mites in a future
edition of Chuck's Schematic and Internet Entertainment Gazette!

On a serious note, I would like to compliment Chuck on his schematic
compilation. I would like to offer a suggestion for the future. I think
that if available, the manual page(s) showing drawing or photo of the
front and rear panels, or side if appropriate, should be included. These
are valuable in aiding identification of used rigs, id of controls,
connectors, etc. I, for one, have been out of the hobby for a while,
and don't KNOW a lot of today's commercial rigs by sight. And the
panel views are very useful for a variety of reasons.

72 to all,
Kalman Laudon WD6CZI <>

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