Super Cmos Keyer II Kit


From: Doug Hendricks (
Date: Mon Jul 26 1993 - 01:37:12 EDT

I received my Super Cmos Keyer II kit Saturday from KB6NQ, and I have it
built and working. The kit costs $25, and includes the pcboard, programmed
chip, all board parts, 4 switches, 100K pot and a speaker. You must
supply the cabinet and connectors. My kit did have a couple of mistakes in
the resistors provided. I replaced them from my stock on hand, but it would
be nice if you got the correct parts.. But a minor item. I chose to replace
the switches provided with ones that I had on hand, they were much easier to
mount, as they just needed a round hole, while the ones provided need a
rectangular one. The speaker that I got did not work, maybe I fried it when
I soldered the leads on, but it was only 1" in diameter and not high quality
at all. I replaced it with a 2" radio shack 8 ohm speaker, which works fine.
     The kit only takes about an hour to build. But by the time you mount it
in your case and dress the leads, plan on an evening. When you finish and
have it working, then the fun begins. The keyer is fantastic. Are you ready
for the features? Here they are:
        Iambic keyer with selectable dot and dash memories
        Four messages totaling up to 220 characters
        Character and real time message loading
        Timed pauses within messages.
        Messages that can call other messages and contain operational commands
        Message loop capability for continuous play
        Message break in to allow for paddle inserted text
        Input queue to store multiple message activation
        Contest Serial numbering (001-9999)
        Digital and linear analog speed control (6-60 WPM, Messages up to 990)
        Adjustable weighting (dot/dash ratio) of 25-75%
        A built in adjustable sidetone monitor
        A transmitter keydown (tune) function
        Handkey mode
        Compensation for transmitter induced keying distortion
        Selectable automatic character spacing
        Keyer status inquiry functions
        Ultra low power consumption for battery operation

If you want more information, refer to any recent ARRL handbook. The 93
edition has the article on page 29-6. I recommend the KB6NQ kit. For $25,
you can't beat the price. Idiom Press sells the same kit for $45. I am
not affiliated in any way with KB6NQ, just providing information to fellow
72, Doug, Oh, by the way, if you haven't ordered the set of schematics from
Chuck, do so. They are an excellent edition to your library. I got mine
Saturday. Tnx Chuck for your efforts....
dit dit

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