RE: CMOS Super Keyer II


From: Rho (
Date: Wed Jul 14 1993 - 11:47:33 EDT

And what happens is someone refuses permission.

I think this is a serious mistake. Ask in advance, most people say yes.
Some say no. I know because I do it all the time.

Kevin Purcell N7WIM / G8UDP
Sit simplex, stulte!

From: <netmail!>
To: <QRP@Think.COM>
Subject: CMOS Super Keyer II
Date: Tuesday, July 13, 1993 9:37AM

I received the Super Keyer II kit from Idiom
press last night. Very prompt delivery.

11 pages of Tutorial, 9 pages of Operations Manual
and 2 page for schematic/board layout included.

Very impressive !

KZ1L brought 2 versions of his keyer to FD and I loved them.

Thank you gang for the adr and info.....

Waiting for the Spider...

I gave N1CUU a copy of a disk saved from Internet for information
for "72" the QRP-NE newsletter. I will have to ask permission
after the fact, when I see what he has printed.

I will coordinate better for the next issue.

72, Jim - W1FMR

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