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From: Charles Adams (
Date: Mon Jul 12 1993 - 13:04:24 EDT


just a quick update. the schematics should go out tomorrow morning
or tomorrow afternoon. took me extra time to get final layout so
that they would be somewhat useful. i haven't opened the letters
with the checks yet. i'll do that this afternoon. and then after
the schematics are mailed, i'll cash them and then go on a miniexpedition
somewhere. maybe Loving county. ;-) anybody a county hunter qrper?
collect all 3076, operators are standing by to take your call.

i checked into TNC again. worked W5LXS. skip was short on 20 meters
yesterday. i listened for you guys and girls but didn't hear much
activity on 14.060 or 10.106 or 7.040. did work on 0 in st louis and
a kp4ddb from puerto rico. i'll have run that one through the circle
bearing and see if 2 watts to PR gives me my 1,000 miles per watt.
i got 1,800 miles per watt for YN1CC on 40, but i haven't gotten around
to getting card to his qsl manager. wanted to give 'em enough time
to get the logbook(s) to him.

somebody post the net schedules for QRP ARCI. may be that somebody
wants to get active on the nets and it's a good way to talk to other
ARCI members.


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