gel cells again


From: Bruce Walker (bruce@Think.COM)
Date: Mon Jul 12 1993 - 10:18:09 EDT

   From: (Majec Systems)
   Date: Sun, 11 Jul 93 11:48:00 CDT

   Charging gel cells:

   Well here it is again since I got no response the last time.

   I have several 4ah gel cells that I want to charge to run my QRP rig
   on. I have a 14.3 dc power supply and a 200 ma meter. What is the best
   way to charge up these batterys useing a dropping resistor and the
   elements that I have mentioned.

I've read that gel cells like to be charged with constant-voltage, usually
with a current limiter if they are going to be very discharged. I have
some information about it at home, which I'll try to remember to type in

--bruce WT1M

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