Argonaut 509


From: Clark Savage Turner WA3JPG (turner@safety.ICS.UCI.EDU)
Date: Sat Jul 10 1993 - 17:48:47 EDT

Howdy all:

The discussion about the desire for "successors" to the Argonaut series
in between the 515 and the Argonaut II has me thinking - could I revitalize
my 509 to put it up to my expectations? The 509's are plentiful and still
reasonable (on occasion!). What would I want for my 509? I am mainly
a SSB operator, but have significant interests in CW also.

Improved selectivity for SSB - need 8 poles.
Crystal filter for CW, 400 HZ or so.
Built in keyer for CW operation.
Speech processor for SSB.
Better receiver AGC!
Better dial-string (ick) design - causes backlash and slow drift.
Improved bandswitch is mechanically joined and loosens up - hard
to clean, this seems to cause some drift, too.

Well, this is a real wish list....I will certainly not do anything about the
bandswitch or the dialstring! (Under threat of death from many local QRP'ers
- they will NOT tolerate me tearing the 509 up for my own selfish desires!)

The selectivity on SSB should be simple. Get another 4 pole from Ten Tec
(or another source) and cascade it with the normal 4 pole filter in the rig.
I plan to do this next week.

A crystal filter for CW I must install a switch, and find
a good source. I believe Ten Tec filters are being closed out by AES and
we might get a good CW 9 mhz filter for cheap. I will look into this.

I have an old Waters Compreamp (anyone else remember these guys?) that I
can pull the board from and mount it inside the Argo without much trouble.

The keyer is a simple addition. No problem there.

The AGC is something I don't know much about. Anyone else ponder this
much? Would be nice to tighten it up so that strong signals do not blow
me over.

Also, anyone else able to cure / slow the drift that occurs in the
Argonaut 509. It is not bad, but would just like to get to it. I have
a pal with his own 509, and it is stable as a rock. I am jealous.



Clark Savage Turner, Graduate Student Researcher
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