(old?) Ten Tec OMNI-D ?


From: Clark Savage Turner WA3JPG (turner@safety.ICS.UCI.EDU)
Date: Sat Jul 10 1993 - 17:36:14 EDT

Anyone know anything about the OMNI-D from Ten Tec, and its vintage?
Was it the big brother to the Triton IV line? I understand that WARC
crystals were an option (installed in the radio I am inquiring about)
did it actually have band switch positions for WARC?

I understand that it had a notch filter, and that it had optional
crystal IF filters AND separate audio filters? Anyone have a manual
for this radio? I wonder about the CW-ability of this radio. The
Triton IV was really nice for CW, and if this was an improvement,
it sounds really good to me. Similarly - I am suspecting that the
QRP-ability of this radio is simple as it was on the Triton IV? The
current drain on receive?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.



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