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From: okas_rp%ncsd.dnet@gte.com
Date: Thu Jul 08 1993 - 16:34:09 EDT

Hello All,

    Thanks for all of the responses about my HW-8 posting. Sounds like
I'll put on my bargaining hat and try to make a deal. The rig is clean
and has no obvious mechanical mods. It's worth a try to peek under the
hood. Right now, I'm straddling the fence on which rig to buy. I really
like the OHR Spirit, based on postings here and other things I've read.
But, the point is made that it's a single band rig... Although, I would
like to get a rig that's nearly ready to go without a lot of fuss. I've
other rigs for that purpose.

    One question still remains for me. What is the typical/best power
output from the rig, assuming the proper toroids, etc. are in place?
I gather from the responses that this is not a 5 watt output rig, but
something less.

Thanks again,


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